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About Requip'd

Requip'd began when two hockey dads got tired of seeing expensive hockey sticks dumped into landfills. They asked: What can we do with these sticks instead of throwing them away?

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"I love that so many sticks are being put to good use instead of being left in landfills. It's a terrific concept that's well executed Requip'd is a brand we are proud to be associated with."

Christos J. Nikolis, EVP Marketing, American Hockey Leagure

I am so thrilled with our beautiful BBQ sets! What a nice surprise to open up the box this morning to find such wonderful items! You really did a marvelous job putting these together; I appreciate all the work and help so much! 

Heidi Hamlin, Lightning Foundation Manager

These were such a huge hit this season and fans kept commenting on how cool the BBQ tool set was, just wish we had started that sooner. Having our player sticks was a huge addition that fans LOVED. 

Thank you again for this partnership.

Kristen Finch, Nashville Predators Community Relations

The event went great and the guys and the guests loved the BBQ sets! Thank  you so much!  The display case went for $500 so that was awesome.

Reide Housley, Minnesota Wild Foundation

Everything is amazing! We were away, got home late yesterday - opened up the boxes today - outstanding! Thanks so much! Happy Summer!

Meredith Tufts, Friends of Marblehead Hockey