Our Story

The Requip’d story began as two hockey dads continually watched expensive carbon hockey sticks being thrown in the trash. They asked this question; What could we do with these sticks instead of filling landfills? Over a pile of broken sticks inside a hot garage Requip'd was born. Partnering with teams and manufacturers around North America they began upcycling thousands of hockey sticks into unique high quality BBQ sets. 

Requip’d was sold in October 2021 to ABLE Force Employment, a not for profit, 501( c) 3 in Richboro, PA.   ABLE is one of the top companies that employ adults with Special Needs in the area   These wonderfully talented adults assist the staff in the creation of these products as we continue our mission to repurpose broken hockey sticks into really unique items.  Under the ABLE umbrella, along with Requip'd, Classic Rock Auto Detail, Shredable and ABLE Fulfillment provide additional employment opportunities. 





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This season, the Kings are repurposing their broken hockey sticks, keeping the composite material out of landfills. Not only does the effort support a healthier environment, but the unique partnership helps raise funds for Kings Care Foundation

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