4 Piece BBQ Fork Set
4 Piece BBQ Set  BBQ Set - Requip&
4 Piece BBQ Set  BBQ Set - Requip&

4 Piece BBQ Fork Set

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Material and Construction: Each tool in the BBQ set is handcrafted from repurposed broken hockey sticks, which once graced the ice in games or practices. The handles of the BBQ tools are made from the shafts of these sticks, showcasing the unique wear, marks, and colors that tell a story of their previous life in the sport. The stick material, usually a composite of high-strength materials like carbon fiber or wood, offers durability and a comfortable, sturdy grip.

Craftsmanship and Social Impact: What makes this BBQ set truly special is the craftsmanship of special needs adults. Their involvement in creating these tools provides them with a sense of purpose, skill development, and social empowerment. Each piece is not just a tool but a testament to their abilities and hard work. Purchasing such a set supports not only environmental sustainability through upcycling but also social sustainability by empowering a marginalized community.

Note: We may honor requests for sets made from specific teams. Please contact Brian@requipd.com

A stick brand and/or colors can be requested in the special instructions section of your shopping cart. We will do our best to honor requests for products made from specific stick brands, but at times are limited to stock on hand.

Most sticks are game used and may have minor imperfections such as scratches or nicks.

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