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Slap Shot Bottle Opener

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You know that teammate that just makes the perfect play every time they're on the ice. Like no matter what the situation is. Their decision making, timing and execution are just perfect. Feel that glory yourself in the locker room after the game. Make your perfect play with our Slap Shot bottle opener. The perfect assist to every beer.

🔥 Score Big at Every Party!
With its unique design, the Slapshot Opener is a guaranteed conversation starter. Whether you're hosting a game night, chilling with friends, or looking for the perfect gift for a hockey fan, this opener is sure to be a hit.

🌍 Eco-Friendly Power Play!
Be a champion for the environment. Each opener is crafted from upcycled hockey sticks, making it a win for you and the planet.

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Note: A stick brand and/or colors can be requested in the special instructions section of your shopping cart. We will do our best to honor requests for products made from specific stick brands, but at times are limited to stock on hand.

Note: Most sticks are game used and may have minor imperfections such as scratches or nicks.

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